Lars Vilhelmsen (1970)

Bor og arbejder i Vodskov i Nordjylland, debuterede på Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling i 2001, har en lang række udstillinger bag sig - både inden for og uden for kunstinstitutionen - bl.a. på Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

Censurerede udstillinger: Charlottenborgs forårsudstilling: 2015, 2003, 2002, 2001

Debut: Kunsternes påskeudstilling 1999 og Kunsternes sommerudstilling 2000

Member of Danish Visual Artists (BKF)


Royal Blue Gallery, UK
Curated international on exhibition.


Groupexhibition KIS - KUNST i STUERNE. 

Artworks in private.  

Selected WHERE FLOWERS BLOOM with the theme 'Re-define: The Boundarie.

Showcases the work of over 20 artists from around the world. Officially presenting to the public in Locarno, Switzerland, at Spazio Volta. Later on the magazine will be available here

PH21 Gallery Contemporary exhibition space, Budapest.
Curated international photography exhibition


Groupshow at Vasli Souza gallery in Oslo. / H.A Gallery London Group.


Groupshow BOOMER GALLERY, London august


Groupshow BOOMER GALLERY, London april 

Groupshow HAZE Gallery, Berlin



Representing Gallery Hjorth with new ceramic objects

SIILK Gallery in Athen curated by Daniel Peace

The exhibition "Fthorá". Opening Sat 4th January 2020


Groupshow at Jarvis Dooney Gallerie in Berlin curated by Michal Dooney

Groupshow at Lessedra Art Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria.

LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects


Groupshow at Artfair North Aalborg - represented by Gallery Hjorth Denmark.

Groupshow Galleria Millepiedi in Rome, Italy.

Groupshow Van Der Plass Gallery New York.


Air Gallery, UK - Altrincham/Manchester - groupshow

Taiga artplace in Skt. Petersborg - Groupshow CIRCUIT - Danish Cultural Institute

Artspace Cyan Oslo / Uncertain States Scandinavia - groupshow

Article in the 8th Edition of ART Habens artmagazine

Artist of the week

Interview march17

CICA Museum

Internatonal groupshow, Korea

Interview in the edition of AVARAGE ART MAGAZINE.

Groupshow at the Human Impacts Institute - Creative Climate Awards, New York



Groupproject curated by Sara Glahn

Show at KVADRAT16 Copenhagen


PRESENT noname.ærkliste


artist profile article at


Represented in Venice Open Art. Groupshow Art for earth 2015

Participation in Paratissima Skopje

International contemporary art fair 2015

Charlottenborg censored Spring Exhibition, DK – Copenhagen


Nordkraftudstillingen (censored),  Kunsthal Nord /Arthall North ­

contemporary art centre, DK – Aalborg.

PodiumX Photoproject in Hausmannsgate/Hausmania PODIUM Oslo Norway


The Phatory Gallery New York.

Group exhibit entitled “Phenomena” curated by the Beautiful Fields team


Site Specific artwork to Projekthaus Hamburg (april 2012)

Title: The Traveler



TORPEDO18­art space. Artwork by Lars Vilhelmsen in cooperation

Torpedo18 AIMS contemporary art in Difficult Accessible locations in public and

private spaces. The Danish Heart, Venice Public, unofficial comment in

an international context setup in pavilion area, Gardini ­ the Venice

Biennale the 2011. ‘The Danish Heart’ is a site­specific intervention

located in the Gardini entrance area of the Venice Biennale 2011 /

Public, unofficial comment in an international context.


PORT 20:10 ­ Festival ofContemporary Art & Social Technology. The

Travellers Box: Documentary and art film. The documentary goes behind

the network­based and communicative art project The Travellers Box. The

film is made in coopration med Oscar­film production. The film music is

composed by Trine and Mads Vive Munk PORT2010 . The artist Vilhelmsen

are Founder and artistic director of The travellers Box project.

Publicwork artcooperation " Against bullying" 2010 Public school in Aalborg


Re­developing art project TheTravellers Box, which enrolled, as

Vilhelmsens central work area. Travellers Box is now an international

art project where the artistic intervention and networking are central­museet/udstillinger/the­travellers­box­



Developers art project The Sandwich Box in collaboration with Charlotte

Mosen Jensen Participates and curated the New Life Berlin festival ­

curated by Wooloo, Berlin v. Sixten Therkildsen and Martin Rosengård.


Invited to Netfilmmakers "11 Edition" BlogArt / Blog_umentary "curated

by Annette Finnsdottir with launching and artist talk at The

Alternative Art Fair AltCph September 2007th Artist Talk "artroyal"

Webbienal 2007 ­ Participates with the art project ARTROYAL

Initializing project Pavilion and ARTROYAL


Works to Emergency room.

by Colonel and Frank Franzen

Nikolaj, Copenhagen

Arranges Vodskov festival of contemporary art, curating by 22 contemporary artists. In collaboration with artist Jacob Brogaard Larsen Overgaden ­ Institute of Contemporary Art Launch of the book: How scandinavian of me Book Fair for new art publications Hjørring. July 2006 M. art project: How scandinavian of me Book publishing, photography and text, audio.

Developer network projects scandinavian­t­ransit.

Curating by Lars Vilhelmsen and Sergei.

Invitation of 30 international contemporary artists

Nordic Netkunstudstilling, Live Herring 2006 Art, digital media, University of Jyväskylä and The Spirited Gallery, Finland. 10 selected Nordic artists represented.

Selected by: Elâvâ Silakka, Päivi Hintsaneen and Jani Ruuskanen


Brejning Art Museum, Building Brejning Art Museum ­ an artifice.­08­28.html

Essay: Contemporary ­ Church Art with Text Iben Hofstede, art writer.


The Kellerian Institutions in Brejning Keller ­ Centre for Experimental Art

Symposium, workshop and exhibition "Indenforudenfor2005" Vejle DK. Project Inside Out ­ a place­related experiment.

Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM, Presents:

WB05 ­ Web Biennial 2005 ­ Biennial on the WWW

Euroscreen21projects is a flexsibelmedieplatform for europæisiske artists and kunstinstitiouner. Concept / Realisation / curating by: Judith

"Point of View", a media­art project curated by Hubert Baumann and Judith Nothnagel, Concept and media artists.

A Virtual Memorial ­ arose because of environmental disaster net art project ­ environmental, title: Tsunami.

Contributing to the art project; 2 television in an interview.

Concept by: Kari­Mette Josefsen and Louise Harbo, The Royal Academy of Arts, Aarhus

The final show ­ Java Museum ­ Java Museum ­ Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Invited by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne network projects:


Cooperation between; four artists, Aalborg University Dept. of Architecture & Design and Department of Computer Science ­ clarification of the architectural solution


International festival of audio and visual art, Volgograd Russia

Art Videos compiled by the Danish art video bank­vilhelmsen­admass.htm

Artboks Online / Offline ­ Exhibition Space for Contemporary Art, Aarhus, Denmark

HSOM and TSB, the creation of workspaces to Scenerum which investigates new space

for performances. Virtual meeting place for art and public 's virtual platform concept and curating of Jesper Schou­Knudsen How scandinavian of me and Travellers Secret Box project


Carblock Art Building, five­floor, The U­Turn Superior project, Aalborg,

Denmark Curated by: Michael Madsen

Art Contribution "flag" for The Stop Bush Project. USA

URBALLOON Virtual spaces and public spaces, concept of: URBALLOON. A screening of contributions. City Hall Park, Manhattan, New York.

BODY ­ Quota Empire Encounter Prophecy, art video on giant screen, Culture Aalborg, Denmark. In collaboration.

City art Gallery. Sacrum Festival of fine art, City Art Gallery Czech Republic. Dzien ­ The day, Photography.


Featured kunstnetarbejder from Northern Europe

I ­ Fjord ­ Java Museum

Curated by Agricola de Cologne

Diesel Art Competition 2004 (DNA04)

Selected work of the jury:

Remember My Name, Rune RK, Eva Skibsted Mogensen, John Torpe and Nicolai Wallner.

"Food in Berlin ..." curator and exhibition concept by: Ralf Schmitt, Exhibition Space Foederkoje, Berlin

Danish Video Art, Art Cinema OFF OFF, Ghent, Belgium Curated by Torben Søborg, The Danish Video Art Bank

Establish Arts and dissemination project Travellers Secret Box

The Danish territory (Vilmos), for the art project: Share your country

I T E M­Intervention thesis extrovert matter

Arts Co Vilmos­art signage in urban spaces, Københanvn

Performance "Appropriativ structure, urban space ­ Berlin / Co Performance.


Photographic Series:

Anomalous zone. "Non­Civilized space. Internet project

Art and culture magazine []


Conceptual work and presentation of anomalous zone to Den lille have PUNCTUM / THE SMALL GARDEN­art work

Globalization and institutional critique. / When art work context is different. / The issue of contemporary art. Text prepared by: Artist and project coordinator for the small bog garden Charlotte Jensen

Charlottenborg censored Spring exhibition.

Location Specific art work to Charlottenborg entrance / foyer: Charlottenborg censored Spring Exhibition, DK ­ Copenhagen

Wedges ­ Original title: "How art can come down from its pedestal and reappear at street level"

Shear, placement and configuration of timber on flat 2 x 25 mtr: cityscape, UK ­ West London

Concept, matrix metaphorse: Øksnehallen, Artmoney, DK ­ Copenhagen

Conference, Internet Project, large screen projection,

Installation: Transit, Aalborg Arts Pavilion, International Dream Team, DK ­ Aalborg

Painting Series Areas: Galleri Wolfsen, Aalborg

Establishes art project HBTB ­ How beautiful to be.

Scandal artist caught cheating. North Jutland media. Projects in 2002 and 2003 revolve around my critical attitude towards snobbery and the elite little art scene in Denmark, where in my optics you will see more about what your name is, what acadmies you have gone on, the hidden network you have - instead of the quality of the art. Therefore, in the two years I perform several projects and perfomences that comment on the above hypothesis. This is reflected in the THE DREAM TEAM collaboration and the development of fictional CV where I enter large international exhibitions on my CV to invite me attention. It succeeds. This results in the fact that a small North Jutland media in Denmark captures my resume and calls me to cheat. It is true that I have cheated, but the intention has been to question the artistic selection criteria.



North Jutland

Exhibition, documents and videos, North Jutland Art Museum, DK ­ Aalborg.

Charlottenborg censored Spring Exhibition, DK ­ Copenhagen Collection Spring 2002


Painting Series, Forces: The Danish Arts Associations, national traveling exhibition

Installation, video art, happenings: *

Oddly, it should be, North Jutland Art School, DK ­ Aalborg

Window Space, Dream Team project, DK ­ Copenhagen with Astrid Winsløw Hammer.

Art Museum, DK ­ Aalborg

Co Performance.

Concept ­ so much being a part of the elite.

Photographic diary entries posted on trees: cityscape, Fredrich Strasse ­ Kassel (Documenta intervention - not invited/autonomous)

Sculpture Group: Artists censored Summer Exhibition 4­point drawing Exhibition Building Janus, IL ­ Tirstrup

Sculpture and Object group:

North Jutland Art Museum, PLANT, DK ­ Aalborg #

Concept, dialogue and advice.

Success Office, How do I become a success? Department of art work, DK ­ Aalborg

Co Performance

Concept, Compilation of List G setup of election posters:

Election Campaign, Election Office: Institute of art work ­ Aalborg Election Posters, cityscape DK ­ Aalborg

Concept, ads placed in newspaper:

Art Project Crystal, 1­month. art serialized in Nordjyske Stiftstidende, DK ­ Aalborg

Concept: Hjerterum // Giant busstreamers on 50 city buses DK ­ Aalborg

Art Project International Dreamteam developed and published in cooopertaion


Sculpture Group: Charlottenborg censored Spring Exhibition, DK ­ Copenhagen Major horizontal / Road System

Flag Parade, setup flag avenue: [Country Flag Parade, UK ­ Ranum]

Photographic Installation:

Sunshine Noir, 3 Tropic sun center, DK ­ Aalborg

Arts Festival, the experimental School of Art, DK ­ Aalborg

Performance: Photography and video: Seductive in Terran panorama, GER ­ Mulhouse ­ Hamburg

Concept:How Scandanavian of me, booting UK ­ London (Streetlevel)

`Country` devided into parcels

Text prepared by: Artist and project coordinator Charlotte Mosen Jensen

Painted photostats from H & M

Equiement, Department of art work, DK ­ Aalborg Photographic dream series "bush":

Text by Edwin Raphael, Dream Interpretation Aalborg Arts Pavilion Demo­exhibition

Anniversary Exhibition ­ 25 years in North Jutland Art, DK­Aalborg

Facilities: No man `s land, urban space, collaboration DK­Aalborg ­Limfjord Bridge, Aalborg

Installation, video:

20:01 ­ Art or reality? Culture Project 2001 Groupshow


Sculpture Groups / ready mades:

If travel is searching, Department of art work, DK ­ Aalborg Furniture `` ­ `Instruments of production

Artists censored Summer Exhibition Exhibition Building Janus, IL ­ Tirstrup

Installation, Base Camp 49: Cooperation with the Group Picnic.

Happening / Action: Termination Sale,DK ­ Aalborg

Installation: Fitness 2000, Diskotque Embassies, DK ­ Aalborg Working with students from the experimental School of Art

Collage Series; boiled 0:

Rookie Exhibition Kulturspinderiet, DK ­ Silkeborg Sculpture Group: *

None, Installation, Theatre Project None, Theatre DK ­ Aalborg in cooperation with Painter Jacob Rantzau

Concept: Winter Haven, The Black Box Project, Images of Africa, DK­Aalborg


Collage Series:

Artists censored Easter Exhibition, Denmark ­ Aarhus Collage, cooked 0

Gallerie Zenit, DK ­ Copenhagen (solo exhibition)


Happening, cityscape, GER ­ Berlin

Installation, objects:

No Scandanavian blond, Gallery wellspring DK ­ Aalborg ­ TV ­ reportage


Together forever, Gallery wellspring DK ­ Aalborg

Arts Library, the city's image, Nicolaj Plads, DK ­ Aalborg

Photographic Series: Dead man walking, photo reportage of Liberty to Main Magazine


Gallery Louis, IL ­ Hirtshals

Installation, audio:

Viruses, Limfjord Bridge, DK ­ Aalborg


The public toilet, cityscape, CA ­ CW Obel place Aalborg


RED, street, DK ­ Aalborg cooperation with Liberty

Graphics: Camouflage, giant lines, advertising billboards, urban space, DK ­ Aalborg


Gallery wellspring DK ­ Aalborg ­ Arrange group exhibition "In our sleep"

Inuit Gallery, DK ­ Aalborg

Total Installation: Human Cover, Aalborg municipality by tax


Video, photography and painting;

Opening exhibition; title, the artist run gallery wellspring Collaboration with artist Sanne Freiesleben

Video Art:

Contract Mother Nature, video installation of the container, cityscape, DK ­ Aalborg

Graphic work, Restless:

Aalborg Arts Pavilion, censored graphic exhibition, DK ­ Aalborg

Performance: Floor, Artist Workshop KV, DK ­ Aalborg

Koldinghus, collaboration between art and architecture:

one public toilet, DK ­ Kolding Collaboration with Artist Ib Kling Track and Study v. Aalborg University Architecture and Design

Sculpture: Student Hall, DK ­ Aalborg Painting, compound forms, audio:

Debut Exhibition, The North Jutland Country Library exhibition Lempicka ­ if you have wings to fly ..


Towards the molecules, synthetic short publications: Cooperation with Aalborg Municipality Cultural Administration

Graphics: Budolfi bread and blood, Poster Setup / Billboards. Cityscape, DK ­ Aalborg


Famous in fashion ­ cityscape, DK ­ Aalborg ­ Working with Liberty

Installation: Growth, Culture Kraft LINDHOLM 21, DK


TV ­ broadcasts

Art portraits Television Aalborg

Art Videos

No voice produced in 1998

Contract mother nature produced Depeche production in 2000 Iam standing .. produced in 2003

The Admass produced Depeche production in 2003 QUOTA produced by Depeche production in 2004


CD ­ single "catwalk" in 2006

The book "How scandinavianof me" 2006 Many other publications and books

Projects on the Internet

How Scandanavian of me booted in 2000

How beautiful to be 2002nd

Dream Team International 2003 cooperation

Travellers Secret Box booted in 2004 Scandinavian transit project booted in 2006


Set D: E: K ­ The Experimental School of Art, Aalborg 2000 Artistic Coordinator and art school leader.

Develops educational concept Open College Aalborg 2003 Collaboration with artist and musician Laurence G. Kaye


Emergency Room project by Colonel and Frank Franzen

Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM, Presents: WB05 ­ Web Biennial 2005 ­ Biennial on the WW

The Virtual Art Gallery, boringart ­ Expo: standpoint ...


"Point of View" is a border­crossing kind project in the range of video / new media art

SCENERUM.ORG ­ investigating new performance spaces.

NordScen: Nordic Centre for the Peforming Arts

Netart from the nordic countries

includes artist from Norway, Sweden, demarcate, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania.

Windows Space, Copenhagen

Exhibition Space Contemporary Art, Aarhus

Exhibition Space Contemporary Art, Berlin Concept Ralf Schmitt